Advocacy For Our Kids

All children deserve an education

Services Offered

  • Consulting services
  • Review of educational records.
  • Attend IEP and 504 meetings.
  • Review and develop IEP's and 504's.
  • Review goals and objectives.
  • Referral service to psychologists, speech therapist and attorneys etc. (Metro Atlanta area)
  • Communication with the school system.
  • Conflict resolution
  • File Due Process Hearing Requests
  • File Complaints against school districts at the State level and/ or Federal government

We advocate nationwide.

  • We can attend on site depending on how far you are located from my office. I usually will travel up to 500 miles away. All other services provided nationwide are the same for advocacy services. Meetings can occur via phone or video conference if we are unable to be on site.
  • Fax or email documentation to us. 


The initial phone consultation is free. We want parents to be able to afford our services. Therefore, we keep our fees reasonably low. Parents can pay for our services in increments of 10 hours for $400. For those who qualify we use a sliding scale based on income. Income verification will be required to qualify based on income.

Call us today at 404-988-4411 for a FREE initial 30 minute phone consultation!